Recently, the German professional refit label PP-Performance, designed for the BMW M6 Gran Coupe has developed an upgrade kit. Improved after a new car was officially hailed as the worlds fastest six-Series models.


Although still using 4.4 liter V8 engine, but after a series of adjustment, the maximum power is raised from 560 horsepower to 800 horsepower and peak torque has also been increased from 680 Nm to 950 Nm, so amazing power output , mainly due to the custom section of the exhaust pipe hyundai turbocharger, BMC racing filter, Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, as well as some of the newer electronic devices, for a total cost of 14,999 euros (excluding tax).


Greatly enhance the performance, but also to this modified BMW M6 Gran Coupe can reach a top speed of 328 km / h, the original vehicle speed electronically limited in the case of 250 km / h, if the home improvement M Driver Kit is only can be increased to 305 km / h. Although PP-Performance car did not disclose hundred kilometers acceleration time, but there is no doubt there is some faster than the normal version Honda Coilovers of 4.2 seconds.